To-Do List

    To Do (in no particular order):

  • Be more involved in the writing community as a whole
  • Continue work on current writing projects - also create new writing projects as well
  • Create goals and tasks to reach and complete on this journey
  • Invest in fantasy courses - in order to keep-up-to-date with academic side
  • Journal/bog my journey, goal, processes, etc.
  • Read articles on fantasy and fantasy writing
  • Read how-to-write fantasy books
  • Read more fantasy genre books (both old and new)
  • REIGNITE THE PASSION!! - more of an affirmation than a to-do but it helps to see these words
  • Research fantasy magazines, journals, and publishers
  • Research via books, articles, videos, websites, essays, authors, etc.
  • Speak more to other fantasy writers - as well as writers of other genres for outside perspective
  • Study the books and authors considered the 'greats'
  • Submit own fantasy short stories, novels, etc. for publication
  • Write essays, articles, blog posts etc. on fantasy
  • Write more fantasy short stories, novels, etc

If you can think, or know, of anything else that should be added/included in this list please comment below :) 


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