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Fantasy Book Review #1: Drachenfels by Kim Newman

Welcome to the first fantasy book review of this blog! Drachenfels by Kim Newman - also known by his psuedonym Jack Yeovil - is a Warhammer Fantasy novel written in 1989 and is now publilshed under, and considered part of, the Warhammer Horror genre.  The story follows a group of adventurers, led by Crown Prince Oswald, and the intriguing vampire, Genevieve, as they travel to the home of the sinister Drachenfels in a quest to defeat him. This novel has a wide range of fully developed characters with an intricate narrative and clear French-Germanic influences.  What I liked about Drachenfels Although the characters in this novel started out as borderline stereotypes, or cardboard cut-outs of typical adventure quest characters, they soon grew into 3D and interesting individuals - even the more secondary and tertiary characters became well rounded! Consistently vivid descriptions and details really brought the story alive and had me reacting in all the right ways at the right times. Thr