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Good Monday,

Today I feel like being vulnerable with you - not an urge many of us get often - so thought I would share with you a look into my writing mind. 

Throughout the lockdown period, and now during post-lockdown, I have been trying desperately to get out of my three-year creative/writing slump. Just over a month ago, on the 8th August 2020, I attempted an exercise (having already tried others) to stimulate a breakthrough. 

This task involved keeping a notepad page open (either a virtual or physical one) and writing every single thought that came into my head during a writing task. I wasn’t able to write creatively, so I worked on details for the characters in one of my previous novel ideas instead. The exercise lasted a total of 46 minutes and I have posted the results below. 

Please enjoy the unedited ramblings of a strained writer’s mind!

Exercise Results:

21:14 - Thinking of how old Jonathan should be -  if Thom is 62 and William is 63 then Jonathan's brother, Zachary, is 54 so Jonathan is 59 - wanted Jonathan younger so is physically different from, and potentially more dangerous to, Thom

21:15 - What does Jonathan look like?

21:19 - Is that how you spell monocle?

21:20 - Looked it up and, yes, it is

21:21 - 'padding' = politer way of saying fat

21:23 - Tendonitis from scholarly work - writing, holding heavy tomes, etc. - why does Thom not suffer the same? Was not a scholar his whole life as was an adventurer most of his life so  used his tendons in different ways, he may get it as well in the future though 

21:26 - Needs to be able to conceal a weapon of some sort? Has a weapon when he ambushes Thom and Edward but perhaps he takes it with him. A scholar wouldn't worry about carrying a weapon with him at all times ... unless he was paranoid which Jonathan might be considering his own motive in this story

21:29 - Getting tired. This always happens after I have been working on something to do with my writing for ten minutes or so I just get really tired. Never going to get this done if I keep not being able to concentrate ...  Any progress is still progress, I know, but why does it have to be in such small installments?

21:32 - Take a break

21:36 - Return to desk still feeling tired ... have compromised with self to keep going until 22:00 and then stop for tonight. I am unfortunately working tomorrow (from 08:00 a.m) so will have to go to bed between 22:30 and 23:00 tonight

21:39 - What positive traits could my antagonist possess?

21:40 - Oh, what's the word ... for picking things up quickly ... not quick-learner, not adaptable, kind of like observant but who then picks up and  uses cues quickly ...  intuitive, maybe?

21:43 - Seem to have settled for 'keen observer' and 'intuitive thinker' but the back of my brain is still racking itself for the word/phrase I am really searching for 

21:45 - Know that Thom, Edward, William, and Jonathan all share the same hobby of 'reading and studying the history and mythology of Morride' but this is acceptable since it is the one thing that has entwined them all together on this journey

21:46 - What is/are Jonathan's philosophy/ies in life? Could he share some of the others' philosophies? Or have similar ones? After all, he is similar to them in many respects

21:49 - Fiddled around with the layout of the character sheets on Campfire Pro until 21:50

21:51 - Getting really tired now ... hate that this is now my reaction to getting anything writing-related done. How do I change this? ... Something to look into (again) later and see if I can (finally) get some answers on this.

21:52 - Despite my negative self, I have now completed perhaps 1/3 or 1/2 of the information I need for my antagonist ... just have his background information and questions for the notes section to answer for him now so progress has been made. Something to feel happy about anyway

21:54 - Motivation is dwindling fast now ...

22:00 - Managed to defeat the final hurdle and answer three questions for the notes section. All in all some good progress made

Personally, I enjoyed this exercise, especially looking back and reading all my thoughts and seeing how I was feeling at each point during the task. 

I also found that it seemed to help writing (or typing) my thoughts out as, and when, I had them. The physicality of this allowed me to lock those thoughts into a dark cupboard within my mind so that I could get back to the task at hand. 

I might try this exercise again one day, however, I am currently working through a different exercise which I will talk about once I know for sure if it is working or not.

Hope the weather is as warm for you as it is for me here in Wiltshire, UK during our mini heat wave!


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