Where does the time go? Think the boggart drugged my tea with sleeping draught!

 Hello readers,

Where have the past 14 days gone? Seems time is just flying by during this pandemic - fingers crossed next year is better! 

Last week was mine and my partner’s 9 year anniversary and so we both took the week off of work. We were meant to go to London for a few days to visit most of the museums (neither of us have been since we were children) as we are huge history fans. Instead, we spent most of one of the days at Avebury which is full of Neolithic sites (standing stones, Silsbury hill, barrows etc.) and then spent the rest of the week relaxing. 

I took a break from my journey to becoming a fantasy expert in order to enjoy the time I had with my partner and our two spaniels. However, I am now getting back on track and have uploaded the second part of my ‘publishers who work with fantasy writers’ which you can find at the top of this blog!

I have listed over 30 journals, magazine and e-zines (online magazines) with basic information on each so that you can see which might be relevant or of interest to yourself, as well as links to the publisher's websites.

In other matters, NaNoWriMo is approaching fast - a writing challenge which occurs every November, for more information see my post Packing for summer Camp (NaNo)! Now, where’s that house-elf?’. I have decided that I'm going to commit this year with a brand new novel idea. It is a dark, quest, fantasy novel filled with witches, an ancient goddess, dangerous creatures, and things that aren’t what they appear to be. 

The prospect of working on something new has stirred my muse from its slumber once again, and I cannot wait to start writing! I have a lot of prep work to do before November, however, so will be using this month and next to focus mainly on that and Halloween is going to be great for inspiration! I have not had much motivation to write for the past 3 years and I am now determined to get a win as I have had enough!

Autumn is nearly upon us and I cannot wait - it is my favourite season! I hope it is sunny wherever you find yourself today before the chills and thrills of the colder seasons arrive.


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