Days 21 to 30 - Updates and more!

Hey, again!

After nine days of research (as well as working and reading, etc.) I have finally uploaded my accumulated list of publishing houses that work with fantasy writers. You can find it at the top of this blog!

There are over 50 publishers listed on there with basic information on each so you can see which might be relevant or of interest to yourself, however, for full details you will need to follow the links to each publishers’ website. Next to do on my list for the following few days or so is to research into the publishing magazines, journals, and e-zines (online magazines) that also work with fantasy writers. This will then be uploaded on to here as well.

I also finished reading The Salem Witch Society by K.N. Shields (for the second time) yesterday and, although it is a very good read, I would not agree that it is part of the fantasy genre. It is mostly a crime novel with a villain who has an obsession with witches and the occult/supernatural, however, there is nothing magic or demonic that happens (that cannot be explained away with logic, anyway) and it is, at its core, a murder mystery. A very intelligent and entertaining one, but a murder mystery nonetheless. Therefore, I will not be reviewing this book, though I do recommend it for anyone interested in murder/mystery/crime novels that have a theme of witchcraft. 

Work on my current novel project has been hold for the last nine days due to my research etc. but I will be working on that again as often as I can. Look out for my posts in the coming weeks!


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