I'm back from summer Camp (NaNo)! Time to unpack ...

Hey, there!

I am back from participating in the month long challenge of Camp NaNoWrimo! For more information on this please see my previous post ‘Packing for summer Camp (NaNo)! Now, where’s that house-elf?’.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current mental health crisis, my work-from-home job, and a few personal complications, I was unable to write many words last month. However, I did use the time instead to think about, re-evaluate, and consider a lot of about my writing life and projects. 

I have included an overview of the ideas and decisions I made during the last month here.

  1. I am planning to write and submit fantasy short stories for publication to continue to build my writing portfolio. Keep an eye out for future submission announcements!
  2. During the last month, I went through my collection of my previous fantasy ideas and have had a few strokes of inspiration that I will be lookng into pursuing.
  3. There are so many elements of the fantasy genre that I want to explore within my ‘Becoming a Fantasy Expert’ journey. The next research I shall undertake will be looking into and identifying short story, novel, and novella publishers that work with fantasy writers.

These are my new tasks and goals to achieve during the next few weeks, and I am eager to get started!


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