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Time for an update!

Hey, again! After nine days of research (as well as working and reading, etc.) I have finally uploaded my accumulated list of publishing houses that work with fantasy writers. You can find it at the top of this blog! There are over 50 publishers listed on there with basic information on each, so you can see which might be relevant or of interest to yourself, as well as the links to each publishers’ website. Next to do on my list for the following few days or so is to research into the publishing magazines, journals, and e-zines (online magazines) that also work with fantasy writers. I also finished reading  The Salem Witch Society  by K.N. Shields (for the second time) yesterday and, although it is a very good read, I would not agree that it is part of the fantasy genre. It is, for the most part, a crime novel with a villain who has an obsession with witches and the occult/supernatural. However, there is nothing magic or demonic that happens (that cannot be explained away with logic)

I'm back from summer Camp (NaNo)! Time to unpack ...

Hey, there! I am back from participating in the month long challenge of Camp NaNoWrimo - for more information on this see my previous post  ‘Packing for summer Camp (NaNo)! Now, where’s that house-elf?’. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current mental health crisis, my work from home job, and a few personal complications, I did not manage to write any words last month. However, I was able to use that time instead to think about, re-evaluate, and consider a lot of aboutnmy writing life and projects. Here is an overview of all the thoughts and decisions I made during the last month (in no particular order): 1. I am planning on writing and submitting short stories for publication soon to continue to build my writing portfolio. Keep an eye out for future submission announcements! 2. During the last month, I got went through my collection of my previous fantasy ideas and have had a few strokes of inspiration that I will be lookng into pursuing. 3. There are so many eleme