Fantasy: Greatest Hits!


Researching into the history of the genre in my previous post inspired me to explore which books the fantasy community considers the most influential and inspiring since the beginning. In other words, which fantasy titles are our classics; our greatest hits. My research yielded an extensive list which you can read in full on the page titled Greatest Hits at the top of this blog.

While compiling this list of greatest hits, I noticed some elements that I found intriguing. For example, some eras in history have produced more classics than others and there are some authors who have more than one mention. These are just two observations (out of a good few) that I would like to explore. Therefore, I will be posting a number of explorations into these on the blog in the future.

I also have plans to read most, if not all, of these books over the course of this journey and will discuss them in detail for you in future posts. 

If you have read any of these books yourself, and would like to let me know what you thought of them, please feel free to comment below or on the Greatest Hits page. I would love to hear from you!


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